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The Derbeian Winter 2019/20 Edition

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The Winter 2019/20 Edition of The Derbeian Magazine, a magazine about all things Derby, past and present that also doubles up as a useful, local business directory


THE Derbeian | Winter 2019/20 My Day as a Care Assistant for Right at Home Derby With Joanne Hudson A Trusted Familiar Face I begin my day by travelling to my Client’s home for an 8.00am start. Every day starts with a visit to this same Client because they really like continuity of care, which is something that we promote at Right at Home. By giving Clients regular and familiar faces, we can often spot any problems or issues early, which helps keep our Clients fit and healthy so they can continue living in the comfort of their own home. For this particular Client, my duties are to get them up, washed and dressed and prepare some breakfast. I always offer my Clients a choice with what to wear and what to eat and drink. I really appreciate the time I get with all of my Clients because in my previous job, I was only allocated 15 minute call times which wasn’t long enough to get the job done properly. Here at Right at Home, our minimum call time is one hour and I find this gives me time to perform my duties thoroughly and still have time to talk to my Client and give them some much needed companionship; neither me nor the Client feels rushed as we have a nice morning chat. Working with a Colleague At 9.00am my call finishes and I travel to my next Client’s home which takes 10 minutes to get to. The Client’s care call is scheduled for 9.10 am as we accommodate for travel time between each Client to ensure everyone gets their full one hour call time. My next Client is a two hour partial double up call, meaning that there are two CareGivers attending to the one Client. Our Client is a gentleman with MS and his care is more palliative. I meet my colleague at my Client’s house and we use a hoist to get him out of bed and assist him with toileting and showering. We then help to 44 | Right at Home

Winter 2019/20 | THE Derbeian get him dressed and hoisted into his wheelchair. It’s now time for my colleague to depart whilst I have an hour to prepare some food and carry out some light housekeeping including a quick dust and vacuum. I then put some washing in the washer for the next carer to empty on his visit in the afternoon. We keep a communications log for every Client visit. This is all done on an app on my phone which means no more lengthy paperwork to fill in! Completing this on the app means I have more time to spend with the Client and the office receive immediate notification of what happens on every call. her to continue doing activities that she enjoys and the trips out are great for her health and wellbeing as she likes to keep active. My shift finishes at 2.00pm so I head home ready for the kids getting back from school. Rewarding and Fulfilling What care gives me is a sense of satisfaction, that you are helping someone in need. No other job has been as rewarding as providing care for the community. I like to think that Right at Home does care the right way, like when you care for one of your own family members. Right at Home has really supported me in my career as a carer. I am now studying for my Level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care and I hope to be promoted to a Senior Carer in the not so distant future. Companionship and Social Support After the call ends, it’s time for a break until my final Client of the day. This Client chose Right at Home for its companionship services, so on this occasion, this involves me taking her out to a local garden centre to look for plants and maybe have a snack in the café there afterwards. My Client likes that we can support If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch. Tel: 01332 913232 Right at Home | 45

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The Derbeian Winter 2019/20 Edition
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