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The Derbeian Winter 2019/20 Edition

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The Winter 2019/20 Edition of The Derbeian Magazine, a magazine about all things Derby, past and present that also doubles up as a useful, local business directory


THE Derbeian | Winter 2019 The Moon-Struck Philosophers The East Prospect of Derby, 1728 Derby Local Studies and Family History Library has a remarkably rich collection of material, available on request, relating to the activities of a group of people known collectively as ‘The Derby Philosophers’. By the 1760s, the sciences were already an important part of culture in Georgian Derby. There were a number of travelling or itinerant lecturers such as John Arden and James Ferguson who came to the area offering courses in these subjects to subscribers in public houses, theatres and private homes. An advertisement in the Derby Mercury, 1762 for Scientific Lectures by John Arden 14 | The Moon-Struck Philosophers

Winter 2019 | THE Derbeian Portrait of Erasmus Darwin Dr. Darwin and the Derby Philosophical Society The Derby Philosophical Society was founded in 1783 by a group of people with interests in the sciences – referred to at the time as Natural Philosophy and Natural History. The group included doctors, factory owners and manufacturers, nonconformist ministers and clergy, and their interests included medicine, botany, geology, chemistry, electricity and education. The driving force behind formation of the Society, and its first president, was Dr. Erasmus Darwin. At the first meeting Darwin argued that such societies would help to advance human knowledge for the benefit of everyone. One important element of the society was its library, paid for by member subscriptions, which would have been a big attraction at a time when books were too expensive to be afforded by any but the wealthiest members of society. Darwin’s House on Full Street (later the Beaconsfield Club) Courtesy of Derby Museums The Derby Philosophers were inspired by the rational sciences, their radical political beliefs and in some cases their non-conformist faith to lead change at both a local and national level. These included leading a deeply contentious campaign to enclose common land at Nun’s Green to fund town improvements, fundraising efforts to build an Infirmary for the county and campaigns to enlarge the franchise against civil restrictions for dissenters and against slavery. They influenced the establishment of a number of educational institutions including the Lancastrian School and the Derby Mechanics Institute. The Moon-Struck Philosophers | 15

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The Derbeian Winter 2019/20 Edition
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