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The Derbeian Winter 2019/20 Edition

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The Winter 2019/20 Edition of The Derbeian Magazine, a magazine about all things Derby, past and present that also doubles up as a useful, local business directory


THE Derbeian | Winter 2019/20 Everyone is welcome at Derby Local Studies and Family History Library A visit to Derby Local Studies and Family History Library is an experience on your doorstep not to be missed. A fantastic collection of material awaits you in the archives, housed in one of Derby’s finest buildings. Whether it is idle curiosity or serious research, or you’d just like to admire the architecture, the library is guaranteed to capture your imagination. Don’t be put off by the imposing frontage. 12 | Derby Local Studies and Family History Library

Winter 2019/20 | THE Derbeian The main stairs up to the library. The library is situated on the 1st floor of Riverside Chambers in Full Street. The building used to be Derby’s Police Courts (or Magistrates Court) and the library occupies the old court rooms. From the main entrance you pass through the Sales and Tourist Information office and up the sweeping staircase (there is a lift available if needed). Pause on the soft seating to take in the magnificent Art Deco architectural features before doubling back on yourself, crossing a ‘bridge’ over the staircase and through a set of double doors, and into the library proper. Welcome to Derby’s memory bank! An enormous 1728 view of the town hangs in the corridor – take a moment to marvel at a simpler world, and see if you can pick out any of the buildings that still survive. Then come through to the The ‘bridge’ into the library, one of many fine Art Deco features. study room, previously known as Court One – only today it will be you who weighs the evidence! The East Prospect of Derby hangs in the corridor. There are lockers for your bags, and a friendly and efficient team of enquiry assistants at the desk ready to get you started on your own voyage of discovery. Public computers offer free access to the main online genealogical resources; Ancestry and FindMyPast. These are some of the best seats in the house, located along the original Magistrates’ bench. Newspapers and parish registers can be viewed on microfilm, an experience in itself. Most of the paper materials are held in secure storage, and the staff will show you how to use the online catalogue and card indexes to find items that might be relevant. Once you have the reference, they will retrieve it from storage for you to study. Shelving now fills the second courtroom. Public PCs now occupy the Magistrates’ bench. Just some of the many old maps and plans of Derby in the collection. You never quite know from the reference what will be brought out for you. It might be a heavy leather-bound tome in perfect copper-plate Victorian script, a huge roll of maps and drawings from the town planners’ office, a box of letters or a beautifully illustrated notebook. It might be a book that has long been out of print, a sheaf of newscuttings or an album of faded photographs. It all belongs to the people of Derby and it is there for you to enjoy, completely free of charge. Come and study in the old courtroom Heavy leatherbound volumes in the storage area. For more information and to plan your visit, go to To get a taste of what is available, browse the online archive at Derby Local Studies and Family History Library | 13

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The Derbeian Winter 2019/20 Edition
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